We are a Polish - American Chinese and we have lived in China for the last 17 years.
During this time, we organized several companies, we bought from the Chinese government a 1.6 ha plot in the industrial area of Heshan in the south of China and we built a factory; 3 buildings plus warehouses, total 13,800 m2 under the roof where we produced modern couches and we sold via the Internet and through our subsidiaries in California and in Poland. At present time, our factory in China is leased for two other different producers for long-term contracts. Now is the time to start a new profitable trading business in trading Rare Earth Elements which is huge shortage in the world and 95% of REE are controlled by China.

Now we are in process of learning and developing new web page, www.amsil.com. We are collecting all available information to be hub for rare earth metal trade and contacting possible buyers and sellers. Also, we already organized our subsidiary in Myanmar (Burma) where we will be buying REE concentrate and send to China for further processing and extracting those valuable metals.

We lived in the city of Heshan in the south of China in Guangdong province, 60 km from Guangzhou and 100 km from Hong Kong. We have a very frequent bus connection with these cities and also a 2 hours ferry to Hong Kong. It is at the completion of high speed train to Canton and Heshan will turn into the bedrooms of Guangzhou-Canton-Hong Kong

Now access to our research is free for all public. Our sales office will be located in Hong Kong and after starting trading, access to our research will be only to pay subscribers.

We have already organized a multi million business starting from scratch, building a new factory and organizing sale via the Internet and we are convinced that we will also be successful in the next business, this time for a much larger scale