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HORUS - Arousal of the creativity, mind and body - Enriched Drink of the Master LiQingYun who reportedly live 256 years

Master Li Qing Yun (1677C1933)

Master Li Qing Yun

From Chinese Collective Silk Museum and other Documents of Master Li Qingyun

Chinese Herbatologist Master Li who is said to be 256 years old. The first 120 years he learned and collected herbs himself, later bought from other gatherers, segregowal and sold. He knew the herbs and his body so well that he was able to maintain his 60 years body for next 200 years. According to Wikipedia, he had 24 wives in his life and 180 descendants, so not only was he healthy with spirit and body, but also fit in every other field. Mr Li did not keep any records.

For last decade we collected information about his life and diet, we also visited Yunnan Province in China where Master Li was living. It is not a figure of conjuvenism or legendary because there are imperial records from 1827 and 1877 - Professor Wu Chung-chieh of Chengdu University found imperial documents from 1827 with the emperor i send him congratulatory letters to celebrate his 150th birthday and later in 1877 to celebrate his 200th birthday. On the Internet you can find a lot of information about his life..

Un-answered Questions
Master Li was living very long, but there are also doubts. He reportedly had 24 wifes  and 180 descendants. Where are these descendants? If he created them, it was only with women under the age of 40, and he was not rich enough to convince every dozen years new young lady to be his wife. The documents exist for his long life, but there are also a lot of questions about his life.
Maybe something else? Nevertheless, he live long and left a recipe for his long life and we are already relying on them, not on the number of his years.

Horus LongLife Drink - Longevity and Healthy Life Drink

Contains several herbs according to the prescription of Chinese Herbatian Master Li Ching Yuen who has died 256 years. Due to the current contamination of water, air, soil, food and everything around, we have added Hindu Ayurveda medical herbs, tamarind fruits from Vietnam, Western medicine life extention products and other herbs cleansing the body and mind.

Our Horus Longevity Drink has the following tasks:

- De-calcification of Pineal Gland and reduce the flossed bones.
- Improve your mind and brain work
- Improve metabolism and reduce body weght
- Improve blood flow and reduce heart complications
- Add long-term energy to your life
- It allows us to maintain our ogranism in health by providing directly needed vitamins and minerals (the drink also contains shilajit, also known as Mumiyo,  i.e. 85 minerals in ionic form - an easily digestible organism, also called the elixir of king's)
- It is recommended for 40+ people, but also very helpful to students before an examination session requiring concentration and brain work
- This drink is the fruit of many years of sought-after ingredients of the ancient legendary long-term drink called SOMA
- This drink by keeping our body healthy also extend our lives while maintaining full mental and physical power, vigor and energy.

 - In order to achieve a fast but short-term energy effect, it also contains typical energy drink ingredients such as Vitamin B, Taurina, Inosil or L-lisine (caffeine is optional)

Horus LongLife Drink have a long list of benefits, including but not limited to antioxidants, skin rejuvenating, sleep improving, metabolism improving, digestion enhancing, colon cleansing, detoxification, cancer risk lowering, brain works improving, speeding-up of thinking, headache preventing, energy improving, de-calcification of Pineal Gland, de-fluoridation of bones, cholesterol lowering, weight loss, obesity prevention, anti-inflammatory properties, immune system building, body alkalizing, anti-aging and promoting longevity. In other words, it will elevate concentration, improve creativity, boost energy, enhance memory recall and a spike in your work productivity. If you drink this, you will basically live much longer, healther and looks younger than your biological age.