Method for manufacturing external anti-cancer analgesic ointment

The present invention relates to a traditional Chinese medicine ointment, more specifically, an external anti-cancer analgesic ointment.

At present, there are no specific drugs to cure all kinds of cancer in the world, and there are no specific drugs for cancer pain for long-term relief.
 Western medicine can only be treated with chemical drugs, chemotherapy, or surgery. Such treatments have irritation and harm to the human body, causing severe blood and blood injuries to patients. Traditional Chinese medicine also uses internal decoction to reduce swelling and relieve pain. However, cancer patients with poor appetite or digestive system disorders, whether Chinese or Western medicine, can hardly take it consistently. Most of these drugs have side effects, some of them addicted to patients. Due to the weakened function of the patient's digestive system, the effect of the internal medicine on reaching the lesion is already very small, and the pain still makes the patient extremely painful.
The purpose of the present invention is to avoid the deficiencies in the above-mentioned prior art, and to provide an external anti-cancer analgesic cream for treating various cancers and other pains, which has rapid pain relief, long duration of pain relief, and anti-inflammatory and swelling.
The object of the present invention is achieved by the following technical solutions.
The present invention is composed of the following traditional Chinese medicinal materials: Chuanwu, Caowu, Prunella vulgaris, an artemisia, celestial genus, Corydalis chinense, wood turtle, tripterygium wilfordii, horse chrysanthemum, araceae, ancestral hemp, toad, chonglou, garcinia cambogia Wei, borneol, vegetable oil.

In the above-mentioned formula of the present invention, Chuanwu, Wenjing relieves pain, dispels dampness and disperses wind; Caowu, disperses cold and relieves pain, reduces swelling and relieves resuscitation; Prunella vulgaris, clears liver and disperses knots, sterilizes and anti-inflammatory; Detoxification and analgesia; Tianxianzi, seizures and analgesia; Yanhusuo, Huoxue Sanyu, Qi and analgesia; wood turtle, detoxification, swelling, and analgesia; Tripterygium wilfordii, anti-inflammatory and detoxification; Calendula, heat dissipation, swelling, analgesia; Tiannan , Sedative pain, swelling and dissipation; ancestral anesthesia, pain relief and blood stasis, removing wind and dehumidification; toad, clearing heat and detoxification, diminishing water swelling; heavy building, detoxification and swelling; Garcinia, swelling and detoxification, hemostasis and insecticide; ferulism , Xiaoji, insecticide; borneol, Kaiqiaosanhuo, pain relief and swelling; vegetable oil as the substrate.

The combination of the traditional Chinese medicines of the invention has the effects of anti-cancer and analgesic, reducing swelling and loosening, reducing inflammation and poison, and preventing conduction of pain and nerves.
The invention is combined with acupoint hyperthermia to increase sensitization and efficiency and have better efficacy.
Indications for various intermediate and advanced cancers and angina pectoris, mammary gland hyperplasia, bone hyperplasia, gum swelling and pain, unknown swelling and other pain syndromes.

According to clinical application data, 150 patients were treated, including 35 cases of lung cancer, 22 cases of esophageal cancer, 20 cases of liver cancer, 18 cases of breast and stomach cancer, 17 cases of nasopharyngeal carcinoma, 4 cases of Hodgkin's tumor, bone There were 14 cases of hyperplasia and 2 cases of other pain disorders; 88 cases were grade III pain and 62 cases were grade IV pain.
 The analgesic efficiency is over 90%, and the total effective is 100%.

The present invention has the following advantages: 1. The analgesic effect is rapid. After the medicine is applied, it takes 5 minutes at the fastest and 30 minutes at the slowest. When combined with acupoint hyperthermia, the analgesic and swelling effects are better.
2. The duration of pain relief is long, and more than 70% of them reach 24 hours.
3. No drug resistance, no addiction, no sensitization, no toxic side effects.
4. It is convenient and safe to produce, use, carry and store.
The present invention will be further described in the following examples.

Preparation method

1. Wash the above-mentioned medicinal materials, dry and crush them, soak them in a solvent for 10 to 15 days, and then extract the drug solution.
2. Heat the liquid medicine and vegetable oil to 200
230 , and then cool down and stir after 40 minutes. Filter the medicinal oil with an iron sieve to remove the residue.
3. Warm the filtered medicinal oil to 300-320 ° C in the pot, and stir continuously until the drops are turned into pearls and extinguish, and then go to the Dan, then add the incipient Huang Dan.

The dosage of medicinal oil and Huang Dan is 37-40% in winter, 43-45% in spring and autumn, and 50-62% in summer.
4. Apply the plaster-shaped medicine booth on the cloth to form a plaster patch. The plaster patch is divided into two specifications, the net weight of each sheet on the 1st is 12g, and the net weight on the 2nd sheet is 4g.

Usage method

1. After softening the plaster, apply to the tumor and related acupuncture points (the acupoints are selected according to the drawings in the product package).

Put the iron on the plaster three times a day for 30 minutes each time, and change the ointment once a day.
2. Patients who have used morphine analgesics should be used in combination with the present invention to gradually withdraw morphine analgesics to enhance the efficacy.

Matters needing attention

1, pregnant women with caution. Do not take it internally. Select accurate acupuncture points and heat regularly.
2. The product needs to be sealed and placed in a cool and dry place.

Case 1

Li Mou, male, 65 years old. Diagnosed as upper right lung cancer with pleural metastasis (squamous cell carcinoma), persistent severe pain on the lateral upper chest, and launched to the ulnar side of the right upper limb. Ibuprofen and tramadol need to be taken orally 4 times a day for moderate relief. Buprenorphine injection at night can only sleep for 4 hours. After switching to the present invention, the pain was relieved in 15 minutes, the patient could fall asleep at night, and he did not need to take morphine analgesics during the day.
Case 2

Liu Mou, male, 44 years old. Diagnosed as throat cancer, pain level, 4 levels before treatment. After the application of the present invention, the analgesic effect was 30 minutes, the pain level was reduced to 2 and the maintenance time was 2 days without side effects.
Case 3

Liang Mou, female, 76 years old. Diagnosed as cervical cancer, pain level, 4 levels before treatment. After applying the present invention, the analgesic has an effect of 1 hour, the pain is reduced to grade 2, and the maintenance time is 2 days, without side effects.
An anticancer analgesic cream for external use, characterized in that its components are provided with the following Chinese medicinal materials Chuanwu, Caowu, Prunella vulgaris, Artemisia spp., Tianxianzi, Yanhusuo, Muzizi, Tripterygium wilfordii, Ma Qianzi, Tiannanxing, Zu Shima, toad, Chonglou, Garcinia cambogia, ferul, borneol and vegetable oil are made by drying, crushing, high temperature extraction and mixing.

Full text summary

The present invention relates to an external anti-cancer analgesic ointment, characterized in that its components are equipped with Chuanwu, Caowu, Prunella vulgaris, an artemisia, Tianxianzi, Corydalis, Trionyx, tripterygium wilfordii , Tiannanxing, Zu Shima, toad, Chonglou, Garcinia cambogia, ferul, borneol, vegetable oil, dried and crushed, high temperature extraction, mixed boil.
The invention has the effects of rapid analgesia, long duration of analgesia, anti-inflammatory and swelling. It is suitable for all kinds of middle and advanced cancer pain and angina pectoris, breast hyperplasia, bone hyperplasia, gum swelling and pain, unknown swelling and other pain.