15 Magical Health Benefits Of Dodder Seed (Chinese Herbs)

Herbal medicine is quite famous in recent years. Including health benefits of dodder seed, which has been known as one of the best herbal healing method since several years ago. This is a traditional herbal from China. Which used to cure some diseases and believe can avoid several symptomps. But unfortunately, not all the people familiar with this kind of medicine. Therefore, the paragraphs below will explain further.

Dodder seed comes from parasitic plants with no root. It used to known as cuscuta seed too. In ancient China, the seed used for herbal medicine and combine with several other herbal ingredients. Making the seed full of benefits that can be an advantage for the user.

To find the seed might be not so easy. But currently it provides in various chinesse medicine shop. Otherwise, some traditional drug store might have it. If want to know further, check below some magical health benefits of dodder seed medicine.

1. Fertility

The most benefit that often get for some people is used to increase fertility. Dodder seed believed can help with fertility issue and manage the fertility hormones to keep optimum. Therefore, this is a good treat when having difficulties of pregnancy.

2. Strength Bone

Consuming dodder seed frequently can help to strength the bone. The content of calcium inside it will work to optimize the bone cells. Therefore, it help to avoid osteoporosis symptoms and work to avoid bone fracture. Mainly to elderly which commonly facing problems with the bone health.

3. Improve Blood Circulation

The seed also good to improve blood circulation into the entire body system. It can manage to optimize oxygen supply into the brain and nerve. Therefore, no more worry on any possibility of blood cod.

4. Ease Digestive

The seed also rich with fibers. This make the seed can be beneficial for the digestive system. It will manage to fasten intestinal bowel movement, which lead to fasten digest. Therefore, it also optimize body metabolism in burning fat.

5. Weight Loss

The fiber content inside the seed can help to manage the fat absorption and ease digestive system. Therefore, this is one of the best approach in producing weight loss. No wonder if dodder seed also used to maintain the weight.

6. Avoid Diabetes

The seed can help to manage blood sugar level. Therefore, it is an alternate to avoid diabetes. Consume dodder seed every day can help to avoid high sugar level. Hence, it can use to maintain the blood sugar for diabetic patients too.

7. Lower Blood Pressure

Dodder seed is beneficial to manage the blood pressure level. It help to lower down the blood pressure. Therefore, it will help to avoid the symptoms of hypertension. Make sure to always control the blood pressure after consuming the seeds. Otherwise, the blood pressure might dropped to low.

8. Maintain Cardiovascular

Another benefit including to maintain cardiovascular health. Therefore, it can manage the body to avoid cardiovascular diseases such as stroke and heart attack. It will help to maintain cholesterol level and work to optimize the blood flow. Which will optimize the blood flow and healthy cardiovascular.

9. Mantain Kidney

Some people also use dodder seed as medicine for kidney problems. Therefore, it usually also work in urination diseases. It can help to soothe the pain and keep the health of the kidney. Furthermore, it increase the kidney capability in absorbing important nutrients and waste the toxin out of the body.

10. Immune Booster

Another health benefits of dodder seed is including to perform as an immune booster. Therefore, it can enrich the body immunity and help to avoid various diseases. It can help to strenth the body and manage to perform a healthy body all the time.

11. Maintain Liver

Dodder seed also can work to optimize the health of liver. It will manage the toxin flush from the body through the liver. Therefore, it can maintain a healthy liver and help to detox the whole body system. This can benefit to maintain a healthy body metabolism.

12. Healthy Eyes

One of the benefit of dodder seed is to improve the eyes. It can help to manage a healthy eyes and help to avoid eye diseases. Furthermore, it can supply the eyes with vitamin A which beneficial to avoid eye problems. Hence, no further worry of experience the possibility of cataract and glaucoma. Mainly to elderly who usually lack in vision.

13. Anti Inflammation

Another function of dodder seed is act as an anti inflammation. Therefore, it is good to soothe down the sore throat and any other kind of inflammation. Furthermore, it can manage to avoid a swollen condition during inflammation. It will reduce the pain and works effectively to cure the inflammation.

14. Anti Oxidant

Dodder seed also one of the anti oxidant agent. Therefore, it manage to avoid the effect of UV light and pollutant. It makes the younger look appearance to the body. Furthermore, it help to avoid early aging signs due to free radical effects into the body.

15. Anti Cancer

The seed is an alternate option as a better treatment for anti cancer. By consuming it, the regeneration of the new cells can be stimulate. Furthermore, the growth of bad cells can be minimized. Hence, it can help as an anti cancer and help to break down nutrient supply of cancer cells.

Those are all the health benefits of dodder seed. Make sure not to have allergically reaction to this seed. Therefore, no side effects will be happen to the user. By using this kind of herb, hopefully the diseases can treated better and the possibility of fast cure will happen.


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