Other Longevity Herbs and Mother Nature Product which we are analyzing


Haritaki Fruit

Garcina Cambogia


Casia Seeds

Curcumin – Tumeric

Cat’s claw

Riodiola Resea








Quercetin - Mukia Maderaspatana which is rich in quercetin for helping the process of reverse aging

Fisetin There are various natural substances that can have senolytic activity. One of them is quercetin. In fact, quercetin and fisetin look very similar.


Fatty Acid, C15.0 - Pentadecylic acid, or pentadecanoic acid, is a saturated fatty acid. Its molecular formula is CH₃(CH₂)₁₃CO₂H. slow aging-related breakdown in our cells.

pterostilbene (PT), a polyphenol found in blueberries linked to anti-aging

Pine Pollen.

Pine pollen is simply the yellow pollen dust from the pine tree. The methylsulfonylmethance (MSM) in Pine Pollen is said to be a core anti-aging component and able to aid the strength of skin, promote the growth of hair, increase the body’s flexibility and also relieve pain. Pine pollen is known for many things including its ability to naturally increase levels of testosterone in the body. However, apart from this popular reason to consume this herb, there are also other benefits that Pine Pollen provides including strengthening the immune system and balancing the hormone levels. As an anti-aging herb, Pine Pollen can energize the body and keep it youthful. This is also similar to the increase of testosterone in the body which provides a youthful sense of well-being in mentality but also physically as well.  People with low testosterone levels feel less energized or unable to live a life full of vitality. However, the Pine Pollen plant contains naturally occurring testosterone seedbeds and this form the core of its ability to rejuvenate the body and keep you looking and feeling young.

There are different species pine trees and not all pine trees have these specialized properties that contribute to anti-aging. The way that Pine Pollen works in rejuvenating the body is through the provision of an abundance of nutrients and minerals that are good for the body.

Sometimes, the body goes through hard times and this can cause the aging process to speed up. However, Pine Pollen can provide nourishment in the form of protein, vitamins and minerals. It may be hard to imagine that something as seemingly simple as Pine Pollen dust could contain different amino acids including at least seven essential amino acids! In addition, Pine Pollen also contains vitamins like Vitamin A, the B Vitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and folic acid. This herb certainly packs a punch with a powerful dose of nutrients that help you reverse the aging process.

Ant Extract

Indeed, ant extract may not seem like the most attractive name for something that you could consume to make you look and feel younger. Ant extracts have been used in traditional medicine as a health food or drink and for treatments of various ailments. An extract from the black ant can have the appearance of a brownish yellow fine powder. Though prickly, the black ant contains nutrients and it is these nutrients that contribute to its ability to provide anti-aging properties. Similar to Pine Pollen, ant extract contains amino acids. The amount of protein in ant extract can also be higher than that found in Pine Pollen. Ant extract also contains vitamins including the B Vitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Vitamin E. This powerful extract contains minerals and other nutritional substances including magnesium, zinc, iron, phosphorus and numerous trace elements. With such an abundance of nutrients, it can be easy to see why ant extract helps to reverse the aging process.

When consumed, the ant extract works to increase immunity against illnesses, help a person get and stay active by increasing endurance, make the body look younger by providing anti-aging properties, act as an analgesic, act as an anti-inflammatory substance and also provide a calming function


Can promote the liver metabolism of fat speed, reduce the accumulation of body fat, and fat liver has a good ability to prevent.

Choline was the first example of a conditional vitamin: only 11% of women achieve the recommended intake and the average intakes for the population are half to two-thirds of this recommendation severe choline deficiency results in DNA strand breaks in rodents, alterations to epigenetic markers and histones, and affects brain development

Acai Powder Organic Freeze-Dried Brazilian Berry Powder Asai Fruit Powder

Iboga -Herb from Gabon called Tabernanthe Iboga - Iboga has been shown to create new brain cells in the dopamine center among other so there is much more to learn here. (Journal of Neurochemistry article from Sagara Y, Vanhnasy J and Maher P.)

Eclipta Alba for health,

Solanum Trilobantum flowers for the brain (kundalini),

Cumin for brain (Kundalini) support

Carbon-60 or C60, Fullerene

Ampelopsis grossedentata, Vine Tea, Herb Popular in Bama Longevity Valley in Guangxi Province, China, Collected by local Yao Mountains People.


FOXO4-dri, a peptide FOXO4-DRI Experimentation (foxo4dri.com), Senolytics are arguably the best rejuvenation therapy currently available, and though costly, FOXO4-DRI is the most effective senolytic. FOXO4 D-Retro-Inverso(DRI) peptide.

Foxo4-dri, also known as Proxofim, is a research compound which has been shown to be the world’s first senolytic peptide in Dutch mouse studies. At Breakthrough Biolabs, we offer high quality Foxo4-dri for research purposes. Because we believe that everyone should have to high quality, cutting-edge research compounds, we have made Foxo4-dri (also known as Proxofim) available for the lowest price available online.


FOXO4 lives in the nucleus of the cell and p53 does its work at the mitochondrial level — two very different sites in the inside of a cell. At Breakthrough Labs we needed to find a way to get P53 and FOXO4 separated from one another so that p53 could do its work and eliminate the senescent cell from the inside. To do this another version of FOXO4 was created that had a Trojan horse effect ( it acted like FOXO4 from a chemical standpoint) . This molecule looked like FOXO4 to the cell, and it acted like it too, but this peptide called FOXO4-dri, didn’t only live in the nucleus — it could exist at any place inside the cell.


The p53 breaks away from FOXO4 when FOXO4-dri is introduced into the senescent cells. Because of this effect the cell can do it’s work and the cell can undergo apoptosis — it can finally commit suicide. Therefore, it does not hang around and signal harmful chemical messages to the other cells. This is what occurs in younger subjects, where this mechanism is at peak. Therefore, a senolytic virtually recreates a younger cellular environment. Once senescent cells are killed off, past a threshold level of them being toxic, healthy cells are allowed to flourish.


Thus, this compound has amazing implications. In animal studies using this substance, not only cellular function returned but systemic change occurred as well. Animals with organ damage, saw these traits reversed. Energy returned and physical activity increased. Similar results have been profiled in small-scale, preclinical human studies.



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