Senolytic agent for removing senescent cells

Dasatinib is approved as a cancer medication, but recent attention has been focused on its ability to act as a senolytic; that is an agent that can remove ‘dead’ (senescent) cells within the body by inducing a process known as autophagy.

There is no doubt that dasatinib represents the cutting-edge in anti-aging medicine, perhaps even experimental in some respects, but hardcore enthusiasts are aware that senolytics are presently a major focus of research

60 Capsules

Quercetin 260 mg, may slow down and reverse aging process

Dasatinib 40 mg

Usage: 1 capsule a day only Monday. Tuesday, Wednesday, maximum for 6 months,

Price: 349$ for 60 capsules

Special Anti-Aging combo price: Dasatinib/Quercetin 60 capsules plus 2+ lbs package Anti-aging herbal mix plus 90 capsules of NMN/mTOR - 650$