Me(68) with my 2 yo son

Me(56) with my 3 yo son

Me(59) with my 3 yo son

Born in Poland, now living in California, just mover from China. 3 times married, 8 kids
Education: MSEE Technical University of Wroclaw, Poland, Electronics Faculty, graduated 1977, Various courses at De Anza College, California, MBA courses California Coast University.

Writing articles about life extending methods and research.

Live Credo-Principles: Love my kids, be healthy, be happy, be rich, keep busy, be creative, enjoy life. All times explore and learn something new and unknown. Impossible is Impossible. If life they kick you out by door, enter by window, never give-up. You can do it too.

Interested: TCM -Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbs extending human life, Medical Herbs, Longevity, Parapsychology, Spirituality of Men (not related to any religions), Kundalini energy, Philosophical Daoism, Occultism, Gamma Brain Waves, Ayahuasca, Pineal Gland Activation, Subconscious, Intuition, Akashic Records, OBE, NDE, Life After Dead, Parallel Worlds, Multi-dimensions, Brain and Body MRI, Ancient World History, Chinese antiquity and Art, restoring old antique furniture and few more.

Desire: as by Count Cagliostro (1743-1795?);

"I am not of any time or of any place; beyond time and space my spiritual being lives an eternal existence. I turn my thoughts back over the ages and I project my spirit toward an existence far beyond that which you perceive, I become what I choose to be. Participating consciously in the Absolute Being, I arrange my actions according to what is at hand. My name defines my actions because I am free."

Gurus: Nicolas Tesla, Fulcanelli, Madame Blavatsky, Laozi, crazy Count de Waldeck,

Life Knowledge: THE WISDOM OF ALCHEMY -THE SACRED SCIENCE- CAN ONLY BE UNDERSTOOD INTELLECTUALLY IF EXPERIENCED , Alchemy is the art of imitating and accelerating Nature. It is a natural art and science

What people say about us:

WHITECHINESE (bialychinczyk - my Chinese nick). Beseeched children with women of every possible colour, except green. A local entrepreneur living in Foshan, Guangzhou, whose favourite Chinese hobby is tearing the stab at local bonzes of Chinese bureaucracy. Worth reading and visiting a blog about China for being practically writing about it: how to build factories in China, bake Polish bread, rush moon binge with a Chinese mother-in-law, prolific Chinese children with a Chinese woman decades younger. In his spare time, he drives a ten-meter white limousine around Guangzhou, for which the Chinese customs office charged double taxes when importing a car from the USA. Charges "for a white face". To be fair.

Sir. I have been reading your blog for several days, I must admit that I am a bit screwed. It is not so much about China as about the style of writing, general ease and particularities, as well as a touch of humor. Without licking your eggs - it's nice and interesting to read your thoughts. ………..

Already in Beijing, I read the blog from top to bottom, an approach to life worth imitating. scratchings very readable, often bring a smile to the face. you can see that you have seen a lot and you can learn a lot from you. I hope that someday we will be able to meet over a flask (but not baijiu). ……...

You have a great talent for writing, so I encourage you to write a book, be it a biography or a collection of articles about china, "hameryce", Poland and various other countries where you have been. I foretell a great success! Who knows, maybe the book will become a Jerry Clarkson bestseller as a "different" picture of China and the world around us and you will become a rentier and start taking your family by bus around China! ………….

I love reading your blog. For me, it is a combination of knowledge about everyday life in China (which I have not found in any of the books written by travelers) with a great style. Your pen really resembles my favorite author, Charles Bukowski. I have been interested in China for a long time (I even try to learn its language from time to time, so far with little success), so your blog is invaluable to me. ………...

Hello. My name is Michał and a few days ago I found your blog. Although I have to admit that we differ significantly in terms of worldview, I read your entries in the same breath. I am a much less experienced man, I am 23 years old and just getting ready to earn some money. I must admit that this blog is also inspiring. Today I read the note "Chinese woman - wife for a Pole" with comments to it. You broke the bank with this entry. And although I am a right-wing Catholic, I must admit that I agree with you in most respects. On this particular point, I was only confirmed in my convictions. And although for now I would prefer a Polish wife, maybe it will be time to change options;) …………...

Wine, women, singing and culture - these are your elements. You love to taste the pleasures of life, and there are so many of them. Who would know this better than you. You have your own style, you like elegance with a hint of decadence. Long talks about philosophy, literature, art, including everyday life - this is where you spend your time with a wide circle of friends, carefully selected. Ultimately, you have to know what you want in life and what not, n'est-ce pas? …………..

Current Activities: Working on which will be a major source in English language about extending healthy life by herbs and to be information sources how Chinese doing this for last 5000 years. How Chinese cure major Western illnesses like cancer, diabetes, impotence, high blood pressure and others chronic sicknesses.
building and decorating new 7500 sf house in China

We are a Polish - American- Chinese and have lived in China for the last 20 years.
During this time, we organized several companies, bought from the Chinese government a 1.6 ha plot in the industrial area of Heshan in the southern China and built a factory; 3 buildings plus warehouses, total 13,800 m2 (almost 150 000 sf) under the roofs where we produced modern couches and we sold them via the Internet and through our subsidiaries in California and in Poland. At present time, our factory in China is leased for two other different producers for long-term contracts.

We were living in the city of Heshan in the south of China in Guangdong province, 60 km from Guangzhou (old name Canton) and 100 km from Hong Kong. We have a very frequent bus connection with these cities and also a 2 hours ferry to Hong Kong. It is at the completion of high speed train to Canton and Heshan will turn into the bedrooms of Foshan-Guangzhou-Canton-Hong Kong.
We have already organized a multi million business starting from scratch, building a new factory and organizing sale via the Internet and we are convinced that we will also be successful in the next business, this time for a much larger and longer scale.

We are proud of our holistic approach to healthcare utilizing the amazing potency of nature. Medical herbs and food has been employed the world over for at least five thousand years. Herbs and medicinal foods are vital to practitioners of Chinese, Tibetan, and Ayurvedic medicine.

Today, the greatest authorities in the field of quantum physics, quantum biology, biocentrism, medicine, argue and prove these experiments that life is only information written in the ocean of energy. All matter is an illusion and exists only when we look at it, because our brains decode this information. of the atoms that are empty in 99.99999999999% there is only energy that never dies. Death does not exist, we live ns trillion levels simultaneously and forever. It can be compared to tv and internet signals. Normally we do not see this signal, but we just need a receiver or computer that signal will turn into image and sound and we will see it. This is how we decode this signal (information) and see the world around which is only information. If we disappear from one channel (so-called we die), we do not even notice it because we receive the signal from another channel. for the observers of this channel we died and they hide our worn-out clothing (body) in the earth (...)


Przeglad Techniczny, Poland 1983-1984, several articles

Blog Bialychinczyk 2009-2019, remainings on Internet

Blog Bialychinczyk all text waybach machine archive 2009-2019


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